May Goals

Wishing upon every star that the showers of April will leave and the flowers of May will bloom! Here are my goals for May:

  • Finish any book.  I have had the worst luck with books lately. Everyone I have picked has sucked and I have not finished one in like 2 months. So, suggestions welcome.
  • Night time potty training.  E has been potty-trained for almost a year now, but still wears a pull-up at night.  She wants to wear panties to bed, so I think we are going to start night potty training now.
  • Finish the Photo A Day in May challenge hosted by Shay and Erika.
  • Only spend on things I need.
  • Find a new devotional to start (suggestions welcome).
  • Have a dinner date with Brittany!
  • Find 2 women who want to join me in my side-gig.  If you are even a little but interested, please let me know. No pressure, just info.
  • Clean out my closet.  I love a good spring cleaning!

What are you goals for the month

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