Oh What a Weekend

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Pretty sure it didn't work because here it is... Monday. But, we had quite a busy weekend.  So, let's recap.

Saturday was dance, dance photos and a birthday party.  Dance went great!  Dance photos on the other hand....

They were at 12:45... smack dab in the middle of nap time. That is sweet E on the end.  She was tired and half asleep.  I tried so hard to keep her together, but right after this she lost it.  She refused to put on her tap outfit or tap shoes, so we just left to spare everyone else.  I felt awful, but sometimes the best thing you can do is know your toddler's limit and walk away.

And then she barely napped. She needs a nap to be a functioning toddler of society.  But at 3 we headed to birthday party.  But ya'll, she whined at everything.  She was just so tired and by the time cake came and she didn't have a chair to sit in, we knew it was time.

Saturday night, we had a little date night. I needed out of the house and some adult conversation.  We headed to a local Italian place and I indulged in bread, cheese and all the pasta.... oh and this flourless chocolate cake that was divine.

Sunday was spent outdoors.  I went in a good 2 mile walk with my mom while the hubs took E to her twirling lesson. I am fighting a cold, so I needed a break.  Then we did more water balloons, bubbles and just enjoyed the 90 degree temps.  I also did some reading. 

I started Girl Wash Your Face and I am hooked so far. I keep reading it and thinking this is so me, I could have written this... If you haven't read it, you should.  I also started Embraced as my new devotional.  This is all part of my self-care of 2018.  (How is that going for you all? Anyone do something each day this past week?)

The rest of Sunday we just tried to keep E from a meltdown.  She barely napped again and just wanted more water balloons... we used them all.  So, we played ball, walked the dogs, colored outside and did bubbles.  She was rosy cheeked and tuckered out by 7pm.  I wish I could say bedtime went well, but it didn't. It was a sh!t show.  She just whined about everything because, well she was exhausted.  And truth, so was I!

Someone tell me it gets easier please? How was your weekend?

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