Random Tuesday Thoughts

This is a little late. And if you saw my Instagram stories you know it was so unplanned. But here are the random thoughts in my head.

  • I liked Meghan Markle's dress. I think I am the only one, but it was so simple and that is so my style, so I connected with it.
  • We leave one week from today for our vacation and I have so checked out mentally. I am tired, exhausted and just so out of it because I want to be on vacation now.
  • I have no clue what to pack since it will be in the 70s the whole trip (wahoo) and I have never been to the pacific northwest, so thoughts?
  • I have not told E we are leaving and she is staying at home. I am dreading it because I know she will freak. She, of course, will be fine with her uncle, but man...
  • I have been so bad about my meals lately. Chalk it up to business ans poor planning.
  • I went to a SeneGence event last night for my mom (she couldn't make it) and it was quite interesting.  The LipSense/SeneGence crowd are some excited ladies, but all I kept thinking was I want a tiara and for it to be ok to wear in public... right?
  • I got admitted to the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals and well, perhaps  I should frame the certificate? yes? no? I mean my law license is still in the tube it came in.
  • My promotion at work was announced Friday and its been nice to get the congrats from everyone.
  • My hormonal acne is in full swing... HELP! What do you all use to fight it?
  • How do we feel about one piece swimsuits? I tried on some from Target.... anyone have one they love?
  • I need a new work chair. I found one at Home Goods I loved but didn't pull the trigger and now its gone. Anyone have one they love? 

What's bouncing around your head today?