TBB Asks - May Entertainment

Time for another round of TBB Asks and this month its all about entertainment!

1. Comedy or drama. Can I get with dramatic comedy?  Haha. I love drama most of the time.

2. Fiction or Non-fiction: fiction all the way.

3. Movies at home.  I like being in my jammies with my own wine.

4. Both.  I love musicals, but a good play can catch my interest.

5. Breakfast! I love indulging in a good pancake and bacon.

6. Number the Stars. Hands down still my favorite.

7. Yes! Catch Phrase all day every day.

8. Soccer. Or water balloons if that is a game these days,

9. Friends.

10. sitcoms growing up. Today I feel like everything is so sexualized or just dumb.

11. neither. I am just not into either one.

12. Junior Mints!

13. sea salt.

14. Hmm. depends on the movie. I don't hate them.

15. Murder mysteries all the freaking way!

Join in the fun!