Weekend Review

It's another Monday, but what a weekend! I hope all your mamas, mamas to be and those waiting for their time had a wonderful day.

Friday I had a lovely 90 minute deep tissue massage and man I needed it. Then I met one of my closest friends from childhood, my sister from another mister for dinner. It was so much fun getting to hang out and catch up with her.

Saturday we a full one.  We E's dress rehearsal for dance and it was epic to say the least. I posted some clips, but basically E laid down her entire ballet dance and then rocked out her tap number.  Recital is next week, so it will funny to see what happens.

Then E and I headed up to Costco to meet her best friend and my sorority sister for lunch and some shopping.  Ya'll we had lunch for like $7.50.  And then I scored some awesome finds for meal planning this week.  Chicken skewers, fruit, noodles.... It was fun by all. 

While E napped I got in a quick workout!

Saturday afternoon the hubs and I had a date.  We went to the TCU baseball game and then dinner and for drinks.  It was a beautiful night and we enjoyed every minute.

all the jumbo shrimp

Sunday I attempted to sleep in, but my stomach had other thoughts. But it finally subsided and I had a yummy breakfast and some presents. 

Rose colored Nikes!!!

Then E and I headed off to her twirling lesson.  She fell asleep on the way there because she had been outside playing water balloons since 7 am. 

After we got back, she struggled to get down for a nap, but finally did.  Then we played outside some more. I think we were outside all day.  Water balloons, kiddie pool, hose, coloring, jeep riding, we even washed my car.

My World

Then my brother and his girlfriend headed over and we had a good ole fashioned family cookout. Burgers, macaroni salad, fries, watermelon and a mixed berry cobbler. It was wonderful and the perfect ending to a wonderful day.

 How was your weekend?