Weekly Friday Favorite Wins!

Oh lordy its Friday!! This one is needed. I leave for vacation Tuesday. Yes, Tuesday! 6 glorious toddler-free days with just my hubs!! To say I am excited is the understatement of the century ya'll. I am over the moon elated.

Don't get me wrong, I love E, but I need this.  We need this.  Will I miss her, maybe.... But I will not be obsessing over every minute away from her.  I just cannot and will not and frankly find those who cannot spend a moment away from their kids as a tad odd.  Get ya some adult time.  Vacation with your partner. Talk about something other than tantrums, poop and bills.

We will be driving the PCH and so I'm sharing the 5 places we will be heading.

1. Seattle.  We fly into Seattle and stay one night. I have booked us a viewing from the Space Needle, dinner and that's it.  We want to see the market and enjoy the first Starbucks.

2. Portland. We are driving to Portland and staying two nights in Dundee.  Hubs wants to stop for Portland beer scene and I want Vodoo donuts.  Then we will have a Willamette Valley wine tour the next day.

3. Eureka.  We are driving to see the Redwoods. And the elephant seals and just the scenery in general.

4. Sonoma.  We have already been to Napa so we are going to hit up Sonoma as we make our way into San Fran.  What wineries should we see?

5. San Francisco.  This is our last stop and where we fly out of.  We have done the touristy places, so where else should we go?

I hope you all have a safe and fun Memorial Day. I do have some posts planned for next week, so be sure to stop by and also follow along my trip on