Fitness in Motion: My Busy Mom Fitness Routine


Welcome to the first edition of Monthly Motivation! This linkup is all about healthy living and what that looks like for you!  I am co-hosting with my BOFF (best online friend forever) P!nky!

Today I am talking all about my workout routine.  I am a busy mom. I work full-time ,teach dance and twirling full time, so working out has to fit into my schedule.  I used to be a gym rat. I spent hours in the gym doing cardio on the treadmill or elliptical and then lifting weights.

And then I had E. When she was an infant I joined a local bootcamp that I did twice a week for an hour. It was amazing!  Those day the hubs took E to daycare and all was well. And then she got older and I changed jobs and so did the hubs.  I could not longer make the 5:30 am work.  Hubs needed to get to work early and so I stopped going to bootcamp.  Ya'll, I missed it something fierce. Mostly because of the women and men I worked out with. I had a community.  But, it just no longer worked for our family.

So, for a while I did some at home workouts.  I had Beachbody on Demand and did some workouts here and there, but nothing consistent. I gained weight I was irritable and depressed. This was also about the time my anxiety and late onset PPD set in. Ya'll, life sucked.

My first step was dealing with the anger and depression with my doctor.  The second step was finding something that worked for me.  So, at the first of the year I committed to working out twice a week from home.  I started out well. I was feeling better. And then I was asked to do a challenge group by a blog friend.

I committed to an 80 day program, yes 80 days. 80 Day Obsession changed it all!  And so did the timed nutrition program that came with it.  And I committed to Shakeology for the first time.

Working out from home works for me. I can tap into over 500+ workouts from my laptop, iPad or phone. It  gives me the ability to get my workout in and not miss a moment more with my daughter than I need to.  It also allows me to take them on the road with me.  I also get an accountability group of women and moms just like me who work out from home too!  They check in with each other, motivate each other and hold each other accountable. It works for me.

This is not a sales pitch, but just what works for me.  However, if you want more information let me know.  There is literally a program for everyone from beginners to advanced and a new 4 day program launching soon.

How do you workout? What motivates you?  Share with us!