Toddlers Suck

Ok, so maybe the title of this post is a bit of a misnomer. Toddlers do not suck… all the time.

It is no secret that those toddler years are hard.

The terrible two and threenagers… I mean we just get them walking and then BAM! They start talking and having opinions of their own, but have the emotional development of well, a toddler. I think that is why we get so frustrated.

Our toddlers just haven’t emotionally developed enough to function sometimes.

They think and act and feel with every fiber of their beings and when things do not go there way or they cannot express what they feel its tantrum city.

And the worst past is they can talk back to you and sometimes those words hurt.

I have had E tell me she doesn’t want to live with me anymore, has told me to leave her house and never come back and the most heartbreaking that she doesn’t need a mommy anymore. If that doesn’t break your heart (or make you so gosh darn mad) I don’t know what does.

How can this tiny person cause you the full range of emotions in 1 minute.

Now, I know she has no clue what she is really saying or that those words hurt mommy.

I know that she is just frustrated, or I am in her space or she’s tired and needs some room. But it doesn’t mean it doesn’t hurt and downright SUCK.

You see these tiny little self-centered humans are testing the waters and learning boundaries.

Imagine if you were dropped on a remote island and didn’t speak the language… Well, that is basically what happens with babies and then toddler and heck, I still feel like I am just treading water as an adult to learn societal norms.

So, moms I am right there with you. I know your pain and I am not afraid to say that there times when I just do not like my kid.

There are times when raising a toddler and being the mom of a threenager sucks.

There I said it.

I do not always love being a mom.

And I admit there has been a time when I wondered if the local fire station took toddlers too.

Does it mean I am a bad mom, heck no!

It means I am honest with myself and know that this mom thing will not always be easy or glamorous and I may not always (ever) get the hang of it.

You do not have to love being a mom to be a good mom.

Give yourself grace.

And when you find yourself wanting to strangle the daylights out of that precious gift from God, call me, text me, send a carrier pigeon and I will raise a glass of wine (or a martini) with you.