Weekend Wrap Up

Can you do a P.S. before you even start writing?  Because P.S. I am sitting at the airport waiting on a 7:26 flight that is now delayed until 10:30 p.m. #winningatlife

** Update - I arrived home at 1:23 am and was in bed at 2 am (wish me luck today)

But let's get down to business. In case you missed my Instagram this weekend, I was having the time.of.my.life.  I spent the weekend in Indianapolis with 20,000 of my closest friends.... ok so it was more like 20,000 people were there and I hung out with 20.  But, let's not get lost in the details, shall we?

I headed out early Friday morning to meet Cory (former blogger now just straight up #bosslady and mom of 4).  She is my faithful business partner and fellow mama in


, I mean fitness. We headed to our hotel and then off Summit.  I'm going to stop you here because I need you to get the scene.  

Imagine a stadium full of fans cheering for their favorite team.  Now hop those people up on energize and superfoods and ask them about their tribe and tell them Autumn Calabrese is in the room. It's like Black Friday at Best Buy.

But I digress.  We met up with our team and enjoyed a fabulous afternoon getting our learn on.  It really was amazing to be surrounded by women who were just like me and had a common goal.  We supported each other, laughed, swapped mama stories and well drank … just a little.

Friday night we headed out to an all expense paid party hosted by our company.  Live band, fireworks, drinks it was amazing and well we danced and sang all, ok until 11 and then we went to bed. I mean we're moms not 20 somethings.

Saturday we got up at 5am to go workout with 20,000 other people in the streets of Indy.  Seriously, 20k at one time. I burned like 500 calories and pretty sure sat in pee. But it was awesome and my legs still hurt.

Then we had an opening session where I heard the most amazing guy talk about happiness. Shawn Archor, check him. His

Ted talk

is amazing.  Then we had more training and I got to meet some of the super trainers as an incentive for hitting some good stuff in May. Yup, Autumn Calabrese and a few others.

Then we had the closing session. Well, I mean first we sat on the bed and ate pizza and drank wine in cocktail dresses.

But it was amazing. I am inspired. I am even more sure of this than ever before. I watched fitness change people's lives--from men and women who have lost 100s of pounds to women leaving full-time jobs to go home to their babies.  

one of my girls

But for me, it was about the true support I felt from the women on my team.  These women who continue to build each other up.  I want that. I want to be a leader for other women. I want more friends to come hang out with us next year!

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