Weekly Wins

It's Friday!! Next week is holiday week so let's get down to the Weekly Wins.  Today I am sharing my wins on how I manage being a wife, mom, blogger, lawyer, business owner all in one.

  • Scheduling Posts. If you do not already have some sort of app to schedule your social media post, get one.  This has been a lifesaver for me.  I currently use Later. If you have  business Instagram it will automatically post for you.  It will also tell you the best times to post to get the most views.  You can also see you 9 square to make sure it looks how you want it. 
  • Planner. I went back to a paper planner this year and its been wonderful.  I still use my Outlook for work and things that happen during the work day, but a paper planner has helped me set goals and keep them.
  • Apple Watch. I know its a luxury, but it has helped me so much. I can have my calendar on it, get my texts and alerts, calls when I inevitably leave my phone at home... And I love the calorie and heart rate monitor for my works.
  • Scheduling lunch.  I have lunch blocked out on my calendar at work.  This ensures that I have at least one hour a day that I have no meetings and minimal interruptions.  Even if I work through lunch, its 1 hour for me.
  • Personal Development.  I have devoted 30 minutes a day to personal development.  I read Girl Wash Your Face and have no moved on to 100 Days to Brave.  I truly believe that you need to invest in YOU to be the best mom, wife, business boss you can be.
  • Set goals.  I have goals set and written down for each week.  They are simple, like cook 3 meals at home; spend 1 hour each day playing with E; Date night; invite x number of people to sign up... you get my drift.
  • To Do List. I have one at work and one for home.  I make it at the beginning of the week and love to check things off (even the first item, make a list.).

My wins this week include celebrating my husband's 40th birthday, growing my business, figuring out that you can face chat on Instagram now... yes I know life changing, finding a niche market, deciding to do a series on what legal things you need to know for your blog/online business/social media content, etc...  Oh, and managing not to totally lose my sh!t with my toddler.

How do you manage it all?  How are you superwoman?

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