WHW: Toddler Summer Must Haves


It's almost officially summer. (E has informed me that it does not start until June 21st).  However, for most of us, kids are out of school and its in full swing.  Some of you may be in survival mode others looking for fun things to do on the weekends.  Here are the things we need to survive summer with our threenager.

We do not have a pool and live in Texas, so it gets hot and by hot I mean upwards of 100 degrees. So, we try to escape the heat.

  • Inflatable pool is a must since we do not have our own pool.

  • It is no surprise that E loves water balloons. We have gone through thousands at this point. These are the kind that you hook up to your faucet and fill up 50 at a time. They are so much fun.

  • Bubble machine.

  • ice pops or any popsicle for that matter.

  • Native shoes. Ya'll they are the best. She can get the wet, use them at splash pad and hose them off for easy clean up.

What are you summer must haves for toddlers?

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