TBB Asks: Vacation Edition


It's time for another round of TBB Asks and today we are talking summer travel!  The hubs and I just traveled to the PNW, but the end of the summer brings our annual beach trip! So, let's answer some questions.

1. Will you go on summer vacation? Yes! Off to the beaches of 30a

2. Do nothing and relax or pack it all in?  A little of both.  We try to relax, but also get in some fun things.

3. What month do you vacation? September. We go the week after Labor Day.

4. Cruise? NO.

5. Fav vacation tradition? We do not have one yet other than going to 30a.

6. Most memorable vacation?  I would have to say spring break when I lived in London. I did Italy in 10  days and it was a blast!

7. Pack light or pack it all? Light. I just pack and then start taking stuff out.  I hate overpacking.

8. Hotel, condo or house? For 30a we rent a house. When we did the PNW we did hotels and B&Bs.

9. Favorite thing to eat on vacation? ALL THE FOOD!!!

10. Warm or cold destination? Warm. I love the beach, but our trip up northwest was wonderful and cool. It was a nice escape from the Texas heat. I think anywhere we go is cooler than home,lol.

Hope you all enjoyed!  Cannot wait to hear where you go. And tomorrow is part 1 of the series of legal info for blogger and social influencers.