October Goals


Hello October. Does anyone else feel like September flew by in a flash? I do. But alas it my favorite month of the year. So let’s see what I am up to this month!

  1. Purchase E’s Halloween costume - check! she decided on Ariel

  2. Carve pumpkins

  3. Decorate the house for Halloween

  4. Come up with a theme for the office Halloween party

  5. Come up with a theme for our trunk or treat at E’s school

  6. Make Halloween cookies with E

  7. Go to the pumpkin patch

  8. Clean out old toys that E does not play with anymore

  9. Organize the guestroom closet

  10. Swap our the summer clothes (ya know when it stays under 85 for more than 2 days)

  11. Clean out the pantry

  12. Stop biting my nails

  13. Celebrate my 36th year in this world

  14. Bake all the pumpkin things

  15. Head to DC for my fitness business retreat

  16. Only spend money on things I need (i.e., no more clothes this month)

  17. Get my marathon training set

  18. Find 2 women who want to truly invest in themselves to mentor in my fitness business

  19. Plan 2 date nights with the hubs

  20. Find my next devotional

What are you planning this month?