Friday Favorites

Oh Happy Day!! It is Friday and man oh man do I need this weekend. It is also my last day of 35. Today I am just going to tell you my top 5 favorite memories of my 35th trip around the sun!

  1. My girl’s trip in February to see P!nky and Jessica. I had not seen since in person for 3 years so it was amazing. And as always seeing my BOFF is the best. Just getting to share life with these two women is amazing. We laughed and ate and drank and just enjoyed the company. I think it needs to be an annual event.


2. This chicken nugget right here. Watching her grow and learn is always a blessing. I love that she comes and says Mommy want to play with me? I just cannot wait to see what this next year brings for her.


3. Becoming a part time dance teacher. I started dancing at age 2 and well, this just was the icing on that cake. Getting to become Miss Lynn and spread knowledge and joy to tiny little faces, including E’s is the highlight of my Saturday mornings.


4. This man right here. Not just one day, but every day. He is amazing to E and me and we would just be lost without him. He has been super supportive of every endeavor of mine. He loves unconditionally and has this girl dad thing down. Thank you honey for being the only man (literally) in our home.


5. Finally finding a business I am passionate about. I just never imagined I would actually like it. I mean I like working out, but finding that helping women achieve a healthy lifestyle has been amazing. It sets my soul on fire and has brought me joy and new friendships. Ladies, find your passion. Find your purpose. And when you do, shout it from the mountain tops and those who are true friends will be there to support you.