This is 36

And just like that I am 36. I came, I ate, I cried, I rode a bike. Ya’ll I have decided that birthdays at this point, well they are just another day.


I used to hate my birthday. It was always a sad reminder of my father and the days that came after his arrest. And then as the years passed I began to see birthdays as another chance at another year. Slowly I formed new memories and had wonderful celebrations.

My sweet husband, well he has made every birthday a tremendous day. He always has just the right present and always cooks for me. This year I had but one small wish… a family dinner. I just wanted my husband and E, my mom and my brother and his fiancé. And then life happened. My brother and the fiancé broke up. E, well, she was a tyrant Whined from sun up to sundown. She was just a brat.

But ya know what, that’s life. We all went to dinner, including the ex-fiancé and tiny tyrant. There were tears, screaming and lots of threatening. We had Hibachi and then came back to our house for cake. And then, then I just needed out of the house. I had literally been with whining pre-schoolers all day. So, out we went. We just sat at the bar at World of Beer and watched football and baseball and at a giant pretzel and I had coffee and the hubs had beer. Nothing fancy, nothing exciting, just the two of us.

I realized that that nothing else mattered. The awkward dinner, the complete brat of a child, none of it mattered at the end of the day because I had my sweet loving husband and a nice cup of coffee. This is 36 ya’ll.

As for the rest of my birthday weekend, I went for a run, taught dance, took E to the zoo for a playdate with one of her besties, shopped at the Junior League Christmas market and rode my bike! Yup, that is what I got for my birthday!! I have been dying to be able to ride along the trails by my house and to ride with E.

annabell and e.jpeg

And if anyone is interested, I am doing a recipe group this week. If you want in let me know!

link up with  Heather ,  Johannah , and Lindsay

link up with Heather, Johannah, and Lindsay