Friday Letters

I am busting out another old school blogging tactic today. Friday Letters. I remember when I first started blogging and Ashley from Adventures of Newlyweds and then The Sweet Season hosted this link up. It was just an open-ended way to say what you needed to say or air some grievances you had with, well anyone and anything. So without further ado, bring you my Friday Letters.

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Dear E, I love you sweet baby girl, but I am over the toddler ‘tude. It is not cute, it is not nice and its rather annoying.

Dear Fall, Come back! I feel like we went from summer to winter in one swoop. I would rather like to enjoy some autumn days until frozen rain sweeps in. Thanks

Dear Body, Enough with the bloating and such. I am 36 years old for goodness sake, let’s get this under control. I have not been like this since my early 20s (which at this point was like 15 years ago).

Dear Husband, Thank you for being you. You just never fail to amaze me with your kindness and support. You have never once questioned my need or desire to get into wellness coaching and for that I thank you. And for all the times you hang out with E while I am teaching, coaching, doing Junior League. Have a beer or two on me this weekend.

Dear Jesus, Please forgive me for the horrible thoughts I had above while writing about my precious baby. I love her and no I do not really want to float her down the river. She is a blessing and has taught me wonderful lessons.

Homecoming 2017

Homecoming 2017


Dear readers, thank you for reading. I know sometimes I may not have the most prolific things to say, but you keep on coming back and reading day after day. It keeps me going and has helped develop some beautiful friendships.

Dear Monday, be kind to me when I return after being gone for the weekend. I know I have a ton of things in the next two weeks, so let’s just all work together and it will be ok.

Dear future fit group people, get on board! I would love to help you reach your goals.

Happy Friday ya’ll!