The Essential Guide to Sleeping Toddlers

I present to you Exhibit A.

sleeping toddlers.png

This illustrious creature is known as the toddler or perhaps you call it the preschooler. Whatever you decide to name it, it doesn't want to sleep. Nope, in fact its on a bedtime hiatus. It will do just about anything to keep from going to bed and in fact staying there without the fear of no iPad time.

It will use every excuse in the book.

  • I need water

  • I need to pee

  • It’s too hot/cold in my room

  • I can't find my babies (stuffed animals)

  • I can't sleep alone

  • The room is too dark

  • The room is too light; and my favorite

  • There’s something in my closet/under my bed/behind the curtains

I have heard them all. So, we invested in every product imaginable to help. From nights lights to a fan to a video monitor, everything short of just giving up all hope of her easily going to bed again. And then I found Skye.


Ya’ll, this precious pup has been out lifesaver. E now loves to set up Skye’s stars around the room, read her bedtime poem and jump into bed with her. Seriously, it has given her independence and stopped all the bedtime stalling (for the most part). So, if E gets scared she can press Skye’s paw and the stars light up. She also says soothing phrases and E feels in control of her bedtime and any anxiety. These Starshine Watchdogs are used by Child Specialist, Military Families, Police & Fire Fighters, Children's Hospitals, Relief Workers and by thousands of families across the US!


I also believe in the good ole fashion routine. We have a set routine and stick to it come heck or high water. Bath, brush teeth, stories, rocking, in the bed. Even if we have tantrums she knows the routine and knows that we can take away her favorite parts. I admit Skye has helped, but again, if all else fails, grab a glass of wine and pray.