Friday Favorites

Shark vs Avocado.jpg

TGIF! I feel like I say this every Friday, but today I am excited because its the last Friday of October and as much as I normally love this month, I am excited to see it end. We have experienced non-stop rain and I am just over it. It has also been month of tragic Horned Frog football issues, so let’s welcome November. But first, let’s have a little ode to Halloween!

This has been my October and Halloween in a nutshell. This month we have:

  • Gone to TCU games

  • Hosted a work baby sprinkle

  • Dressed up for Halloween week at the dance studio

  • Took a trip to DC and saw Jenn!

  • Wore Halloween PJs

  • Got Boo’d

  • Done tons of coloring/artwork while dressed as Anna (in the bathroom no less)

I cannot wait to see photos of all of your ghouls and monsters next week! Happy Friday everyone!