Confessional Thursday

Do you ever wake up and just have one of those days? Things are off, you feel off and one thing leads to another and you are exhausted and eating your weight in cupcakes at 9pm.

So, here it is Thursday and I feel the need to confess. So I confess….

  • I spent an entire day at work this week doing nothing. Absolutely nothing.

  • Today is National Taco Day… Yup. It's my kind of holiday.

  • I am over the summer like temps we have been having.

  • I am getting a new couch Friday and I am so darn excited! I have been itching to do a little redecorating.

  • I have no clue what to be for our office Halloween party.

  • I have total baby fever… bad….

  • I need for the threenager times to be over. I am over it.

  • I would love to be the woman who can work out at 10am, take my kid to dance at 11am and the park at 3pm.

  • I was doing great on the nail biting until last night. I was watching A Million Little Things and then just bit them all… UGH!!!

  • I think A Million Little Things is great, but perhaps a little predictable?

  • I miss the old way of blogging. You know when no one cared about making money and just blogged to blog and make good friendships… do you?

What are you confessing today?