Hello Monday

Ahh, another Monday, another week. However, this starts my birthday week! Yes, on Saturday I will officially enter the later half of my 30s as I turn 36. I wish I could say I have something wonderful planned, but alas I will teach dance and then have Habachi dinner with my family. But before we get there, let’s recap the weekend.


If you have watched my stories all weekend then you know I went on a great living room redo! Ya’ll, I just saw my friend’s couch and knew I needed a change in our living room.

It's not that I did not like our furniture, it was more that it just never felt right or complete. I was hoping for a mid-century modern type look, but it just never came together and just never was going to work. Our couch also just did not fit our lifestyle. We spend a ton of time on this room now that E is older, so we needed something more cozy and comfy. So, I sold the couch, coffee table and loveseat. I have some end chairs and a couch and rug left. I am at a loss on what to do for a coffee table now.

But I digress. Our weekend was short sweet and just what we needed.

We got pumpkins from Trader Joe’s patch. E was so excited! She picked it our herself and 3 small ones to decorate.


Saturday, she and went to dance and then did a little shopping. Saturday night the hubs and I had a date night at a new restaurant near us. It’s called Doc B’s Fresh Kitchen and it apparently has other locations. It was so darn good! We had fresh guac and sweet potato chips, I had a redfish special and ended the meal with a to-die-for chocolate cake.


After dinner we headed to World of Beer and hung out and watched football. The hubs is a regular, and I just love the people. I had a coffee and we just enjoyed each other's company!

Sunday I was so darn tired. I blame the fact that I stayed up til 1 am watching Call the Midwife. I have a problem. Then I headed out for a massage and a date at Costco with one of my girlfriends. We got some snacks for work and then I grabbed a few items I love.

After E woke up from her nap we went coffee table looking. I just wanted to see what was out there. I also used a giftcard I had from Lululemon and got a cute new workout top. Then I hopped over to Kendra Scott and took part in their 50% off sale and used my birthday gift.


I also just had to share these two cute photos of my sweet girl. The first is her working on my computer with one of her best friends whose mom is also a lawyer. They said they were being lawyers. The second is from her cultural day parade. My sweet girl chose to be a dinosaur… lol.

Now back to our weekend…We spent the rest of evening decorating a cute Halloween gingerbread house, cooking dinner together and getting ready for the week!

I have a full week of things including our Junior League gift market, dinner with my girlfriends and the last week of 35!

Hope you all have a wonderful week!