Hello Monday

And here we are again, another thrilling Monday for you. It’s currently freezing herein Texas, ok not freezing, but seriously cold for us. And I am not totally against the cold, I just wish we had some gradual decline, and not the 85 to 45 in a day. But, alas, the cold is here and we powered through the weekend.

Friday, E’s school had Parent’s Night Out, so the hubs and I took advantage and finally tried the Ethiopian place in town.


If you have never had Ethiopian, you should. Its so flavorful and tons of veggies. Lots of turmeric and lamb and no silverware needed. You scoop it all up with this fabulous spongy injera. Yummy. Then we headed to World of Beer for some dessert for me and beer for the hubs. All-in-all it was a good evening, but late night for E.

Saturday we were up bright and early (ok E was I was half asleep.). She had dance and then we both took a very long, late nap. When we finally woke up, I was craving pizza. So, the hubs and I went for pizza and then had some coffee and just enjoyed the evening.


Meanwhile, E stayed home with Roro (my mom) and decorated gingerbread men. (of which I have eaten 3 1/2).


That night after we got back from our date, I proceeded to stay up until 1 am watching Hallmark Christmas movies with my mom. Ok, I stayed up, she was out at about 10:30 pm. Ya’ll they are so darn cheesy, but I just cannot stop watching them. I mean, no town looks like those do, no romance builds that quickly, and all the happily ever afters are unreal, but I just keep getting sucked back in. Anyone else a sucker for Hallmark Christmas movies?

So, Sunday morning I slept in, like until almost 9am slept in. Thank heaven for grandmother’s who stay overnight! So, when I finally dragged my butt out of bed, I proceeded to start finally going through E’s toys. I have been slowly purging as we lead up to the holidays. I also have been in a total cleanout, reorganize mood (and someday will tackle my closet). But, I am also hosting my best friends for dinner Tuesday and need to get things cleaned. Then while E went grocery shopping with the hubs, I went for a good run and then enjoyed my shake.

Sundays are the best days. E and the hubs have their own things they do: grocery shopping and laundry and lots of lego playing. I love their bond. We also put beef stew in the crockpot. I will say, that is the one thing I love about the cold weather—the crockpot.

Sunday afternoon E’s best friend had her birthday part at the local stable. They got to ride horses, pet ponies, run around and have a hayride. It was so much fun despite the cold. I also enjoy talking to the other moms. We are blessed with a great group of families at our school.


And of course, no weekend would be complete without a trip to the motherland—Target. E needed something to wear to gymnastics tomorrow (we are trying it out) so off we went. And we came home with that, some slipper, a blanket, Christmas jammies, socks, and a least 4 things out of the dollar spot. I mean, we go in for one thing and come out with the whole store, right?

And now here we are again Monday. But, I am slowly getting excited for Thanksgiving next week. Two days off sounds amazing and well let’s be honest, so does all the food!

Oh, but in order to prepare for the indulgence, I am doing a 7 day plank challenge this week! Happy planksgiving everyone!