What I Like Friday

I feel like this week has either been full of cute kids in costumes or political crap. So, today I am bringing you some totally random, hopefully make your day things. This is What I Like Friday!

  1. Mom hack. My kid is always hungry and wants a snack. (anyone else feel this way?) And I was tired of her wandering to the pantry or fridge and saying i was x, which was probably candy. So, I gave her empowerment for choosing and I have control. She loves fruit and other healthy snacks, but I never had to sh!t together, so now when the hubs gets home from the grocery store, I portion out snacks for her in the snack ziploc bags. Grapes, orange slices, berries, etc… she can easily go into the fridge and grab one.

  2. Prequel. Its an Instagram filter app. I am in love with it! It allows you to add some cool effects to your stories and do some editing. You get a free 3-day trial and then its $2.99.

  3. The Starbuck’s free reusable cup! In case you missed it, today Starbuck’s is giving out FREE plastic red reusable cups when you purchase a holiday drink. Got mine! Not only does it help the environment, you save $.50 when you use it.

  4. Switch Witch. Does anyone else do this with your Halloween candy? We do and its wonderful. We allow E to pick out 10-15 pieces to keep and then we allow the Switch Witch to take the rest and bring her a surprise.

  5. Fall. Yeah I know technically Fall has been in full swing for a while elsewhere, but here in Texas it has finally arrived and I am so glad. I just love me some sweaters, boots/booties and less than 80 degree temps. Nothing makes me happier than a Saturday morning run when its only 50 degrees outside. Cool air to breathe and some gorgeous foliage to observe.

What are you loving this Friday?