Hello Monday: Thanksgiving

Anyone else find it really hard to get back into the swing of things after 4 days off? I mean, Friday felt like Saturday and Saturday like Sunday and well, Sunday felt like this never ending day. But, we feasted, napped, decorated and shopped! And oh what a holiday it was.


Thanksgiving began with a run with E and then off to meal #1. We always eat at with my godparents and have splendid buffet meal at their club. Then we all came home and napped. After we napped we headed to my godparents for small meal #2.

Friday morning I was up and at em at 6:15 for an Orange Theory workout. It was an amazing way to start black Friday. Then we just enjoyed the day together. The weather was gorgeous. We decorated the trees and put out all the décor. Jason and E put the lights up our front and we played ball for hours in the front yard.

Friday night the hubs and I went out for burgers and it was so fun. Then we headed to World of Beer to watch some football and hang out. We stayed up until the stroke of 11pm, which is late for us! Meanwhile, E went our for dinner with her Roro. I love their sweet relationship.

Saturday we were up and at em for a birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese. This was E’s first trip and she had a blast with her friends. Then we headed home for our third Thanksgiving meal with my mom and brother. The hubs and my brother did all the cooking! It has become a tradition and is so much fun. All I did was set the table and mash some taters. Oh, and I did clean up.

Then, we loaded up and headed out to the last TCU game of the year. This season has been less than stellar so we just hoped for the best! But man oh man what a game! E was living her best life getting to be on the field to watch out favorite twirler twirl fire, and E brought her best friend down too. The girls has an amazing time! We made it until the 3rd quarter and then we needed to get our no nap girl to bed.

But then we stayed up and watched the end of the epic A&M/LSU game. Oh, and did I mention we were ecstatic about the Ohio State win too!

Sunday we stayed in our jammies until 11am and then ran the errands for the week. Grocery shopping, returns and some things we need for the week.

But… we may be getting a new family member this year. Yup, the hubs has agreed I can look at getting another pup! I mean its not a baby, but its something! So, I am beginning the long process of scoping out rescues and finding the perfect match for our family!

How was your weekend?