What's Up Wednesday

And I am coming to you way late this morning. As life has been hectic and I have been busy at work, but needed to pop in and do some venting and share some life with you all.

What we’re eating: Leftovers. I feel like this is what everyone eats the week after Thanksgiving. Between turkey, dressing and mashed potatoes I have eaten it. Oh, and the pizza I ordered Sunday night because I was over said leftovers.

Reminiscing about….: Summer. We have had quite the cold snap here in Texas and man its been tough on the ole skin and kiddo. She hates pants and long sleeves… and its a constant battle to put on a coat. Like knock-down drag out fights about it. I am at the point where I just want to let her freeze.

Loving:All the holiday decor in our house this year. I decided to revamp our tree this year with blues and whites and silvers to go wit the decor and I am loving all the nods to Winter.


What' we’ve been up to… All the birthday parties for all her friends. Seriously, one every weekend since November began.

Dreading: The next few weeks at work. I feel like they will drag on and on and on… you know because I just want some time off for Christmas. But honestly I am not really dreading it, just looking forward to the holidays.

Working on: Buying all the holiday present, decorating my office door at work, getting ladies signed up for my next fitness program (that launches soon) and trying to get ahead on the blogging game.

But seriously, we have a new program launching in January that is just 20 minutes a day. Yup, just 20 minutes. And is by Shaun T. creator of Insanity, my fav program ever.


Oh, and this counts as what I am excited about too! I am also excited about taking the days off between Christmas and New Years. I have never done this and I am so excited. I also found out that I earned a cruise through Beachbody. Yup, cruise to Haiti and Bahamas. Just need to decide if the hubs can go.

Reading/Watching. Just watched the mid-season finale of This is Us. HOLY SMOKES! Anyone else watch? All the emotions all the ends left loose. All the feels. I am reading the next book in the Gabriel Allon series by Daniel Silva. I love mysteries and thrillers and this one has started out great. The Other Woman. Get it.

Listening to: podcasts and lots of chill music at work. Fav podcasts are Melanie Mitro’s, Rise and You Can Sip With Us.

Wearing: Clothes. Lol. Nothing special except it goes from sweaters to short sleeves every other day with out weather.

This weekend: Saturday we have Breakfast with Santa at E’s school, followed by dance. Sunday we have our neighborhood holiday party and I have a cookie exchange with some girlfriends.

What else is new? The foster pup! I brought some sweet little Royce last night. He is between 8-10 years old and a hot mess. Not really, but he has a liver issue, a UTI and was just fixed. Oh and had 4 teeth removed and is marking. he is on three different meds, but is cute as a button.


What’s up with you this month?