Friday Favorites: #onedayhh


If you followed my Instagram stories yesterday, you saw that I chronicled my rather boring day hour by hour. I hope you all saw what a rather mundane and boring life I lead. But, in case you missed it, here is a look at a normal day in my life.

Yup, pretty boring stuff here. Whoever said being a lawyer was glamorous and exciting was lying to you. I sit in an office (with no windows) for 8 hours looking at a computer or paperwork. And in case you want to know the answer to the Trivia and joke: Holland and His buckle is on his hat.

Things you missed during my day were the 20 minutes spent coercing E into shoes with socks, eating lunch in my office, my husband freaking me out with a text that said OMFG! and then went radio silent… (he gets to ride on the company jet, he was excited). You also missed the scathing email I sent off to someone in another department who I would label as a butthead. Other than that is was just plain ole mundane and boring.

This weekend we have a birthday party, dance, and I am getting a pedicure come heck or highwater (oh and the Frogs play West Virginia… ). What’s up with your weekend?