Whatever Wednesday

So, its been a hot minute since I have had a hot minute to you know blog. Between life, life and life, I am running on empty. I have also been plagued with the crud for almost a week. But, let’s do a quick recap of the weekend.

Saturday while I taught dance, the hubs took E to her friend’s cookie party. This is an annual event and looked like a blast! All the kids from her class were there and they ate and decorated and had so much fun.

Then we headed out for our ride on the Grapevine North Pole Express.

Oh, but let me back up. Friday night the hubs and I celebrated our 4th anniversary. We did dinner at Del Frisco’s and someone (him) ate way too much! I, on the other hand, held out for dessert!


Alright, so Saturday when we finally made it home after being rained on in 30 degree weather, we decided it was a good night for family games. We played this Paw Patrol game my mom found and E loved it.

Sunday was pretty boring other than getting some pedis and helping my brother pick out new flooring at Home Depot. E made friends with all the workers and came home with a balloon, so win for all!

That night we made it out to my godparents annual Christmas soiree and it just means the start of the season for me. The hubs and I are easily 30 years younger than most guests, but I have known these people for 15+ years and they love hearing about E and man can they drink!

This tree is my tree porn. Every darn branch is covered in pink and white and crystal delight. I just love it.

And, well, let’s recap yesterday’s total working mom moment. E takes dance at school. Yesterday was there Christmas performance. First, they wear uniforms to school. The note said no need for any other clothes. So, I did not pack her a leotard or anything else. Second, I was late. Ya’ll, at 2:58 my sweet friend texted to ask if E had a leotard and I said no, did she need one? She said no and I said ok, see ya in a bit and she replied it starts at 3! 3? Holy well, you get the point. I ran, literally ran out of my office and down to my car, heels in my hand because who can run in heels. I drove about 80 MPH to her school. Texting my friend telling them to wait. I come flying in the door at 3:10 (yes… I flew) to my sweet E in tears. My friend did not tell me she was upset because I was not there and she had no leotard and just wanted to look like a ballerina. Knife in my heart. I bent down and just cried with her. I felt like a failure.

I just sat down and held her. I finally got her ballet shoes on and one of the teacher found a tutu for her, but she was not having it. So, i did what any other mom would do and went and danced with her. Right there in front of the parents in my work outfit. After ballet one of the moms brought me an extra leo and we changed and she tapped her little heart out ya’ll.

When it was over, the other moms came over and were the best. Not a dry eye in the house because they felt for me. They had been there and they all tried to console E while I raced to the school.

It takes a village ladies. It takes moms who care about each other and each other’s children. So, please do not judge. Do not judge the mom who cannot make the performance, just be there for that child. Do not judge the mom driving 80 MPH at 3pm, she is trying. Do not judge the mom in tears at her office because she is missing the performance. Nope. Support her. Buy her coffee. Hug her. Lend an ear.

It truly takes a village to raise these babies.