WHW: Holiday Hum Drum

Oh hump day, and hump day before holiday days off… Ya’ll, I am on the major holiday hum drum struggle bus. As in, I have no motivation, realized Monday I had not bought for half the people I needed to purchase gifts and do not even get me started on the teacher gifts. I am over it. Over. it.


This is how I feel today. Does anyone else have those family members that you only see for Christmas, but you have to buy for them? Or those family members that are just hard to shop for? Those are the people I just totally forgot this year. It makes me want to just say we aren’t coming over just so I do not have to buy the gifts. But I know that sounds awful. So, I did some amazon to the rescue and popped into a few stores last night, i.e. made a Target run. And you know what? I managed to get out of Target with only 3 non-planned items. I call that a win ladies, right?


Also, little miss thang right here, well she is on a clothing tantrum phase. As in she will not wear anything weather appropriate let alone anything that doesn’t make her look like a hobo. She refuses pants because well they are either to tight or her latest antics, she cannot do a big plie in them… like what? So now her pants have to pass the plie test?

And then, she wants to just put on whatever shirt she pleases. if it were up to her she would wear running shorts and random t-shirts every day. My saving grace is uniforms for school, but this week, dress up week? nope! she is just trying my patience. And I have tried the giving of options, etc.. now I am to the point where I am only going to put clothes in her drawers I like. I just want her to match, could not care about bows or frilly stuff… just match for heaven’s sake!

And last. but not least, last Friday was the office Holiday lunch and Grinch reading. My boss (the deputy city attorney) reads the Grinch every year to our kiddos and we serve milk and cookies. This was the first year E got to attend. It was so darn cute.

Oh, exhibit A of my kiddos style…


And that is enough of my rambling. If you need me today, I will be trying to figure out how to get through 3 more days and then I am off to 9 days!! I am so excited!!