Out With the Old: 2018

I know that most of you have already read blogs for the day and here I am in my PJs at 11:22 am writing. I had no intention of returning to blogging until Wednesday, but I feel like I need to bid 2018 ado.


This year started out with hope and dreams of bidding ado to the terrible two and finally feeling content in a phase of life. Well, life had other plans. I found myself with a threenager and dealing with some major depression. I was tired, angry and anxious all the time. And the last straw was locking myself in my closet and crying. It was at that point when I knew I needed to do something.

I sought help and recommitted to working out. I had put my own health and wellness aside for so long that I realized I was doing a huge disservice to my family. I started with goals I knew I could accomplish, which was working out twice a week. I also got on an anti-depressant and committed to doing a devotional to reconnect spiritually. Amazing what a little Jesus and endorphins can do for the soul.

2018 also brought so many good things.

  • Girl’s trip to Georgia to see Jess & Pinky

  • Launching this new blog

  • Becoming a part time dance teacher

  • Launching my fitness business

  • Traveling to Indianapolis for our company’s big Summit

  • Going to DC for a team retreat

  • Connecting with some amazing women both on this blog and in my fitness business

  • Driving the PCH with my hubs

  • Annual beach trip to 30a

  • Promotion and raise at work’

  • Adopting a new dog


2018 also brought some tough times, the outcome of which remains up in the air. But the one thing I know is that you all and the friends made here have gotten me through this year and especially these last few weeks. This blogging community is strong and thriving and full of amazing women. So, I as bid this year ado, I am excited to see what next year holds for all of you. And here is my Best 9! See you all on the flip side!