Christmas Cookie Swap: My Favorite Christmas Cookie Recipes


Today is not an ordinary Tuesday, nope, its National Cookie Day! Don’t ya just love these good ‘ole hashtag holidays? Anyway, I love a good cookie as much as the next gal, so today I am sharing my favorite Christmas cookie recipes!


Gingerbread Men

The season calls for them and we love decorating them!! I found this recipe several years ago and love it! It makes cookies that do not spread out so you have a good flat surface to decorate!


A snickerdoodle might be my favorite cookie of all time! Cinnamon and sugar just marry so well. But, what if I told you that you can stuff them… Yup! Stuffed snickerdoodles are my jam ladies! One of my friend’s introduced me to them at our annual cookie party and I have been hooked ever since. I would show you a pic, but they never last long enough for one!

Easy Stuffed Snickerdoodles Recipe -

Cherry Walnut Bars

Ok, so not quite a cookie, but just as good. I got this recipe from my friend Jess formerly of The Newly Blog. Ya’ll, these things are divine. A shortbread base and all the yummy cherry and walnut goodness on top!


What are cookie must-bakes for the holiday season?