I feel like blogging has changed so much since I started back in 2011. Not only have the platforms changed, but so have blog design and how we interact with each other in general. When I first started blogging I used to love link ups because it was a way to get to find new blogs and create a community. It is how I found some of my closest friends. So, I am telling you my favorite link ups, past & present.





1. Confessional Friday. This was a Leslie Sisti from A Blonde Ambition original and man I miss it.  Once she passed away, Jess from The Newly took it on.  Once she quite blogging, Danielle and I led it as Confessional Thursday for a while, until I took a blogging hiatus.  Well, Jess brought it back last week via Instagram and we took to our stories to share out confessions.  If you haven't shared yours, you should and make sure to tag others to play along. Who think we need to bring this one back permanently?


2. Sunday Social. Neely and Amber used to host this one every Sunday and I admit it was fun.  The topic changed and it was so nice to have something to read on Sundays.


3. Friday Letters. This was started by Ashley from Adventures of Newlyweds, who no longer blogs.  I loved it.  You took to writing letters to anyone or anything. It was much like a confession, but so cathartic.


4. TBB Asks. I love the TBB Asks series. I love the topics and finding out about other people and their interests, likes, products and lives.


5. Girl Chat. I mean, its hosted by pretty much all of my favorite blogger people. It is the 3rd Thursday of every month and man its a fun one. Danielle / Emily / Lindsay / Lizzie /Sierra


6. Friday FavoritesWell, duh! I mean its just a great way to wrap up the week and share whatever is on your mind or your favorites from that week.

7. What's Hap-Pinning Wednesday. Jenn & Jessi allow you to link up every Wednesday to whatever the heck is happening with you!


What link ups do you love? Which ones am I miss out on? Which ones should return?