Friday Favorties

Hello Friday!! Anyone else feel like this week drug by? Or perhaps it was just that my brain was friend from the intense Texas heat this week. Either way, TGIF!

new friday fave (1).jpe.jpg

Today I am sharing my favorite random happenings of the week!

  1. Suits!  Ya'll I am addicted to this show. I am interested in watching this season to see how it goes without two of the main characters. Now that Meghan Markle is a princess and no longer acting on the show I just hope its the same. However, Katherine Heigel is now on the show, and I have a love/hate relationship with her, so let's see.  Anyone else watch the show? What did you think of the season premier?
  2. Launch of my blog! I am just tickled purple about it! This has been a long-time coming and having this little space of my own is amazing! I need to thank Keli Hendricks with Square Creatives for her vision and patience with me!  If anyone needs web design, she is your woman.  And Danyelle Snead for the amazing photos!  She truly captures the essence of her subjects, and is way cooler than me.
  3. House Painting. If you didn't catch my recent stories, we are finally removing the rest of the builder beige.  Our master bedroom is now painted a lovely shade of grey and the master bathroom is no longer all beige either.  I cannot wait to show you all the before and after.
  4. Beauty Products. I am so darn excited for the new Beauty Counter products.  The overnight resurfacing peel and the new eyeshadows.

5. New Recipes! Did you catch all the awesome recipes shared yesterday for Girl Chat? I am so excited to try some of them!

What are your favorite things from the week? If you need me this weekend I will be enjoying some much needed rest and family time.