Biscuits and Sno Cones

I am writing to you all today from the 9th level of hell, also known as Texas in the summer.  Today's high was 112. Yup, you saw that correctly. 112 degrees. No human should be made to live in this heat, yet we do this ya know every 3-4 months out of the year. But, let's get over the complaining and recap the weekend.


I spent my entire day Friday at depos in Dallas. An expert depo. About forensics, gunshot wounds, and bullets. It was actually one of the more interesting topics I have endured, but man it made the day drag.  I picked up E at school and it was Popsicles with Parents, so she partook. I ran her through the Chick Fil A drive thru and headed home.

The hubs and I headed out to dinner with my godparents to celebrate my Aunt's birthday.  We dined on all you can eat seafood buffet at their country club and man it was good. I also probably imbibed upon one too many glasses of champs.

Saturday was up and at em for dance. And then spent the day crafting.  E is really into arts and crafts right now, so my house looks like a constant aisle of MJ Designs.  Then we headed out for a family dinner at Bar Taco.  They just opened one here and I was so excited since I had it back on my girls' trip in February.


We also headed to our favorite Sno Cone stand and did a little damage trying to beat the heat.


I stayed up way to late Saturday night watching 13 Reasons Why, but did get to sleep in a tad since my mom was in town.  Then the hubs and I headed off for a day date for brunch.

There is the pop up diner called Hot Box Biscuit Club and I have been dying to try it, however, every time tickets go on sale they are gone in minutes.  This time I was prepared!  We had brunch in a warehouse with 50 other people for the most epic decadent meal.

Ya'll. This was hands down the best brunch I have ever eaten.  The biscuits were heaven, the rosemary one being my favorite and it was served with homemade jam, whipped butter and pimento cheese. I ate the pimento cheese with my fork.  The cocktail was so refreshing.  Then came the main dish.  That fried chicken sandwich up there.... brined in pickle juice topped with ranch and pickles and crisp to perfection.  Served with grits and Texas cavier.

Oh, and dessert. Yup, there was dessert. This coconut cream pie with a chocolate crust and caramel sauce...


Needless to say I did not eat another thing the rest of the day, nor did I want to move off the couch. In fact, I went into a food coma and slept for a good 3 hours afterward.

All in all, I would say it was a good weekend minus living on the surface of the sun. But I hear a cold front is coming in next week, ay know high of only 97!  Hope you all have a fabulous Monday!

FAMILYLynn Winter