Friday Favorites

Oh hey there Friday! I swear this week has dragged on and seemed to just not want to end. But alas, here it is. But first, I want to thank everyone for your kind words and comments on Wednesday's post. It truly meant the world to me to open up and have you all feel comfortable opening up as well. Ladies, the one thing I learned from it, is that we are or have been in the same boat. So, let's all vow to do something to take the first step in our marriages.

But now, let's get down to the Favorites.

new friday fave (1).jpe.jpg

1. My house is finally devoid of builder beige! Ok, we have one room that we have not touched, but I am ok with it.  The walls now are all agreeable grey, with dover white trim and white ceilings.  Our cabinets are a darkish green grey and it really makes the cream bathroom countertops pop.  I promise to share some before and after next week.

2. Daily Harvest. You all, I am obsessed with these super foods that are delivered to my door.  Yup, they are soups, smoothies, coffees, parfaits that come frozen and all you do is add liquid, or heat and enjoy.

daily harvest.jpg

3. Is it just mean or is Target killing it with the back to school game? The supplies are so darn cute, the clothes on killer sale! Man, I could get lost in there for hours!

4. Mac & Mia. Have you all heard about this company? Its basically Stitch Fix for kids. I have been using it for E for the past year and I admit I am in love. I was also presented with the opportunity to become a consultant for them recently, and I admit I am toying with the idea. How fun, putting together boxes of clothes for my friends kiddos! They have the cutest stuff that can fit a variety of styles. Check them out and let me know what you think!

5. Girls' Weekend! The hubs is out of town this weekend to visit family and then on business, so its just the girls this weekend! I have some fun things planned including doing our nails, swimming, dance parties and her favorite thing, she gets to sleep with mommy in the big bed!

E is never allowed to sleep with us, so this is  HUGE deal for her. We are calling it a special slumber party, matching jammies included!

6. And last, but not least I took my first trip to Trader Joe's last night! Yes, I know I am totally late to the party, but honestly the one time I went in I got overwhelmed, could not find anything and just left in a tizzy. So, I took ya'lls suggestions and got some good stuff.

Hope you all have a good weekend and let's hope my slumber party, girl's weekend keeps the toddler at bay! And don't forget to link up!

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