A Cheat Sheet for Life


Since I have a couple new readers around here, I thought I would take the opportunity to introduce myself again. And since this space is still quite new, give you a little tour.


I'm Lynn! I'm the wife to a loving aerospace engineer and mom to a three year old named Evelyn. I live in the great state of Texas in Cowtown! I am a full-time lawyer, part time dance teacher and a health and fitness coach.

I began this blogging adventure back in 2011 after taking the Texas bar exam. I wanted to documents the new journey that I was about to embark upon. What I didn't expect was to find that this piece of the internet would bring me more than I offered it. 

This blog has been a chronical of my life, its ups and downs, divorce, re-marriage, buying a house, having a baby, going from big law to small law to government practice. I have made some of my best friends from this space and now I am hoping to inspire women to tap into the heathiest versions of themselves.

I fill this space with my thoughts on family, faith, fitness and freedom, that's my cheat sheet to a good life.

I have had people ask me why I started by health & fitness business when I have a good job. First, it was never and will never be about the money for me. Its about showing women that they are important. Its about giving them a way to feel good and look good without losing time with their babies or taking away time from work. Its about showing women that they can give themselves 30 minutes a day and see results. For me, it was about feeling better about myself--about fighting depression and anxiety from within.

And the business side, its just been a outlet for me. It is something I feel called to do. It has given me a way to spread health & fitness to others and do with in faith-filled way.

But, I promise that despite that part of my life, this blog will always be me. You will always find real raw and honesty from me. I am happy to have you all here and want to continue to share life with you.

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