Hello Monday


Oh Monday! I feel like this weekend just flew by! It rained and rained and rained this weekend. Which, we totally needed, but makes it hard on a toddler.

So, we did a lot of indoor play. We crafted, played in her tent and just enjoyed the time together.


Saturday I spent almost the entire day judging a local Miss Texas preliminary, Miss Fort Worth/Miss Coppell. I was a titleholder 11 years ago.. man I feel old. Competing was one of the best times in my life. I made such good friends and a nice chunk to pay for law school.

It was truly a fun time.  I reconnected with some women  completed with and witnessed some incredible young women take home the titles.



Sunday, the rain continued until the afternoon. My mom was here and hung out with E. The hubs and I finally put up the new light fixtures in our master bathroom, so it is finished.

This is the bathroom when we bought the house.

bathrom before.jpg

And now... We painted the wall and cabinets and installed new light fixtures.

So, our entire house was that shade of beige when we bought it, from the walls to ceilings, doors, trip... all of it. So we have spent lots of time and $$ getting rid of it.

And that was it! Now its time for another week, which will be hectic for me, but  just three more weeks until the beach!!

How was your weekend?