Hello Monday: My Preschooler

And just like that its Monday again. This weekend flew by in rapid fashion. But today, today my sweet girl starts pre school. Cue the tears. But first, let's recap the weekend.


Friday I came home an art fest in my hallway. E has been totally into art lately and well, the hubs loves it too.


We headed out to dinner afterward and then off to bed. 

Saturday E had her first dance class of the new fall semester and my first class as the only teacher. But in true mom fashion, I showed up at the wrong time, i.e., an hour early. So, I helped out in the baby class along with E and then we did our class. I have 8 sweet 3-4 years olds. E was excited and dressed her best.


After dance we joined the rest of the girl and moms for a quick treat at he bakery down the way and then I hopped home to change and head to a cake pop class with a friend.

It was hosted by a local blogger group called She Belongs Fort Worth. It was at the cutest place in downtown Arlington and we had a blast.


Get in my belly


Saturday I took E and my mom and we ran some errands including a trip to Target and Kohl's for some back to school deals. Then we headed for Italian food.  E loves this place in town because you can color on the table and the waiter is so sweet to her.

Sunday was spent outdoors.  I went for a long run with E in the stroller while my mom walked. We played chalk and bubbles and crafted the day away.

Then we met up with some of E school friends to do some back to school photos. My sweet friend Danyelle who shoots all my photos did a little set up for up and the girls had so much fun. 


The girls were not sure about the uniforms and E was the only one not wearing the jumper, but man I hope it makes my mornings easier. Hopefully once she sees that all the girls wear the same thing we will be ok.

I cannot wait to see everyone else's back to school photos!


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