A Dream is Wish Your Heart Makes


"A dream is a wish your heart makes." ~Cinderella


I can remember having dreams of what my future would look like when I was little. I imagined a house with flowers. I wanted to be an OBGYN, true story people. That changed, however, when I learned I would have to be given shots and I hated shots. Then it was a lawyer. And most importantly a family.  One than included both parents living at home raising children together.

Perhaps that is why when my first marriage ended I felt like a failure. I felt like I had let myself down more than anything. How could I not achieve this dream. See, I looked at marriage with a rose-colored glasses. I thought it I just marry the "right" man and have all the "right" things, my dreams will come true.

News flash Cinderella, dreams just do not come true. No, they require work and hard work, and failure and picking yourself back up again. Dreams are just that dreams. They are just thoughts, emotions and wants that exist in minds. Dreams just do not happen. No, you have to put them into motion. Plants the seeds along the way to get to the end-game.

And prayer. I think we underestimate the power of it when it comes to our dreams. You see, I dreamed of a life that just wasn't His will for me.


I want E to dream big. I want her to have hopes and wishes and goals for her life. But I want to instill in her that with big dreams and goals comes hard work and sacrifice. It can also come with stress.

But its how we deal with that pressure that defines us.  Under pressure and trial we can get better--we can become better people, wives, parents, leaders and friends. Or we can buckle and break.

I remember  clearly the feeling of being so stressed out about all the things on my plate and the obstacles in my life. I can actually remember feeling this way as a child dealing with all the chaos that constantly surrounded me. My reflex became to avoid stress and discomfort at all costs. I just ignored it.

But man that is impossible as we grow up and become adults, spouses and parents.

But, becoming devoted to prayers and personal growth has equipped me with the tools needed to handle the trial and tribulations of life. It has taught me not to avoid, but to lean into those stressors. I can see that in the midst of the forest of doubt, there lies a lesson and an opportunity to.  That deep within the discomfort you find out what you are truly made of.


We spend so much time and energy resisting challenges and obstacles that are often times the signs we are desperately looking for. Perhaps its time for you too to lean in.

I vow to teach my daughter to never shy away from challenges, but to listen closely to what her heart desires and determine if they are in line with each other. I want her to learn to listen for the calling in the tough times in life to see beyond the forest. I want her to dream big, but listen wisely.

So, Trust that you are equipped with the tools that will allow you to push through the stress, the trials, the obstacles and make your dreams a reality. Lean in and listen.