Hello September

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I know technically we are already a week into this month, but vacation has me a little off. But I will say I am excited for the return of pumpkin spice, football, and temps in something other than the 90s.

We had a fabulous week at the beach and I would recap it, but honestly, here is the recap:

Beach. Eat. Pool. Eat. Sleep. Repeat.

We did get the tail end of Gordon on Tuesday and Wednesday, but other than that it was an amazing time of sun, sand and surf.

But ya'll, I am so excited for Fall. I just feel like its my season. I love the warmer, spicy colors in my wardrobe, booties on my feet, and a warm drink in my cup. I have also decided to actually decorate for the seasons this year. Yup, I am a non decorator. I mean no one comes to my house, but I just have seen all these cute items and decided to do it. Heck, maybe it will inspire me to have company over...

And while we are on this random post of the day, let's chat about Miss America (Jessi stop reading....) What a sh!t show. I mean I get that we need to show how intelligent the girls are, but they basically took the glamour out of Miss America. From not letting them say I am Miss State to the terrible font on the nondescript sashes to the awkward Q&A session on stage. It was just not the odd assortment of the Top 15, but just that some of the contestants looked like they had never stepped on the stage before. Ugh.. just ugh...

And lastly, let's get down to some September Goals!

  1. Decorate for fall
  2. Clean out and organize the guestroom closet
  3. Clean out and organize my side of the master closet
  4. Donate old toys
  5. Clean out dining room of random stuff (seriously we have two plastic potties in there at the moment)
  6. Stop biting my nails ( I really need to stop, so if you have any advice I will take it)
  7. Find a new church home.

Ok, so that ends my rambling for the day. As for me, today and this week will be rough since I have been out of the office for so long. Pray for me and send coffee!

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