5 on Friday

Oh thank the good Lord its Friday! This has been quite the week. Between rain, driving to depos, and the great lice scare of 2018 I just want a cocktail and a massage! So, let’s recap the week.

  1. Rain. I know we need it, but man it was brutal this week. I drove in it, walked in it, was poured on by it and suffered bad hair days from it!

  2. Lice. Ya’ll, this is ridiculous! I was called yesterday because E apparently had lice. Well, they found one and when I took her to be treated they found not a one. For the love! So, it would have been fine except I had to be at work for a very important 2pm meeting. So, hubs leaves early to meet me at home so I could get back to work for my meeting. And thank goodness because it went swimmingly well and I was publicly called out for my good work! Wahoo! Then sat through 2 more meetings and headed home. I am keeping E out of school today because the classroom is being bombed and I just do not want to risk exposure.

  3. Skin. My skin has been so dry since I returned from the beach and I am over it. I have done moisturizing masks, what does anyone suggest?

  4. Fall. Just get here! I need temps that do not have a 9 as the first digit.

  5. Football. My Frogs take on the Buckeyes this weekend and I am pumped. It is also a house divided since my hubby and is whole fam are Bucks by birth. Should be one interesting weekend Game Day is also on TCU’s campus, so tune in and you can see the lovely place I spent the best 4 years of my life!

  6. I know I said 5, but here is one to grow on… Mom friends. I am so grateful to everyone who reached out this week with my stress and the lice scare. I am so blessed with a great mom tribe. I am also blessed with a great group of moms at E’s school. We have been texting and keeping each other in the loop all week! Remember ladies, we are all in this together. Keep the Motherhood strong!