Hello Monday

I wish I could say we had a fabulous weekend, but ya’ll it was exhausting! Like I just want to go to bed at 8pm exhausting. But, new day new week, time to get at it.


So, Friday I was at home with E because of the great lice outbreak at her school. Since we escaped it, I was not going to risk it. So, I play SAHM for the day. And ladies, I DO NOT KNOW HOW YOU DO IT!!! For those of you that are SAHM Kudos! I spent one full day with my threenager and wanted to throw in the towel. I love E, but man! I am so not used to entertaining her all day with no help.

We started our morning with dropping the dogs off at the salon to get hair cuts. Then we made a trip to the mothership—Target. I grabbed some treat at the Starbucks and then a few items.


Then little miss wanted to go the playground, so we headed off. We have been slowly exploring all the parks in our City, so this was a new one, complete with duck pond!


Then we headed home and out for a run! E loves going on runs with me and seeing all the construction that is going on up and down the trails. Its the best entertainment, but man it was HOT! After our run (ok, my run), we grabbed a hot dog from Sonic and then picked up the pups.

We headed home for some naps (me and her and the pups). Post nap we made a trip to the Apple store because someone’s phone dropped out of the jogging stroller because of someone who did not listen when mommy said no. So, $169 later the screen was fixed and we were meeting daddy for dinner.

When we finally got home all I wanted to do was fall into bed. But, I got caught up in a DCC marathon… UGH.

Saturday was dance day! I missed my little chicken nugget dancers, so it was nice to see them! But surprise, we added more! But you guys… 11, I have 11 3-4 years olds in my class. That’s 22 tap shoes to get on and listen to… They are super cute, but its a lot of tapping. Oh, and did I mention one of them is E? Hug your kiddos dance teacher this week when you take them. Just saying.

After dance we took a good ole nap and then headed to a bday party for one of our friend’s kiddos. The Little Gym is a great place for a birthday party.

Then we headed out for dinner and then home. I wanted to be in bed, but ya’ll the Frogs… played Ohio State. So, house divided.


We were so close… and then third quarter happened. And then we just could not get it back together!

But I had this super cute shirt from Brittany’s (from Life as the Mrs.) mom’s store Home Grown TX!! They have the cutest stuff from shirts to signs and so much more!

Sunday, well it was a Sunday. E went grocery shopping with daddy while my mom and I went fro a run (ok she walked I ran). Then my mom and I took E for pedicures. I mean, she is the only child, girl and grandkid so she gets spoiled and loves a good pedi. Post pedi, the exhaustion hit. It was all I could do to keep my eyes open.

I laid down for a hot minute, but I needed more. Then it was all about getting ready for the week. Cleaning, making dinner, baking a little pumpkin spice bread…

And then it was bed time. Literally, my eyelids were so heavy I could barely wash my face.

Hope everyone had a great weekend and on to the next!