TGIF! Praise the good Lord. This has been quite the week. Between putting E into her big girl twin bed, my big work project coming to fruition and the great Wednesday food poisoning episode, I need this weekend.

But first, let’s celebrate the return of the fall TV lineup!! Here are my favorite shows to watch!

shows to watch.jpg
  1. Grey’s Anatomy. I know I know. We're on Season 16 but I just cannot stop. I will watch it until the darn end ya’ll. Anyone else still on team Grey’s?

  2. Call The Midwife. I found this on Netflix as I was puking my guts out. I am so darn addicted now and I am only on season 2! Anyone else?

  3. This Is Us because duh!

  4. The Man in the High Castle. Amazon Prime. If the US had not won WW2…. seriously go watch it.

  5. Jack Ryan. Also Amazon Prime. Also amazing!

What shows are you loving this fall?