What's Happening Wednesday


Ya'll, let me tell you about my trip to 30a... We arrived at he airport yesterday for a 12:20 flight at 10:15 am. Walked up to no line, with two bags to check only to find out that my ticket had somehow been cancelled. Yup, my husband and child were good, but me, cancelled. WTF!

I wanted to freak out and cry and yell and scream. But I did not. Sweet Joy at the AA counter was amazing. She hopped on the phone, I hopped on the phone and we tried to figure out what happened. At 11:15 I sent the hubs and E to the gate. At 11:40 my ticket wad back online and I was running to security with Joy in tow.  She skipped me through the line and I was off.

Except you know my bag was tagged twice in security and I just wanted to scream as TSA just took their good and plenty time.

At 11:58 I was running down from gate 16 to 36 to get on a plane. Literally running with all my might. I arrived just as they were boarding. Whew!

I have never been tired and pumped up on adrenaline in my life. So, we arrived safely and now all I want is for the rain to stop!

FAMILYLynn Wintervacation