January Goals


So, I know that January is half-way over, but I mean there is no time like the present to write down the goals you have for the month, right? So here we go!


  • Use my new Simplified Planner

  • Bring my lunch 4 days a week

  • Be off social media by 9:30 pm

  • Get a massage

  • Paint my nails to keep from biting them

  • Learn to use my Cricut (help needed) (its still in the box…)


  • Have family game night

  • Have family movie night

  • Celebrate my brother’s birthday

  • Work on E’s manners at home

  • Practice writing her letters at home 1-2 times a week


  • Clean out my car

  • Organize my desk area (and start to use it)

  • Finish cleaning out the guest room closet

  • Organize pantry

  • Organize downstairs closet

  • Clean out dining room

Blog/Social Media

  • Plan posts through March

  • Post 3 times a week

  • Write posts through end of February

  • Utilize Pinterest for growing blog

  • Find a Instagram pod/group

  • Post whenever I want (who cares about the dumb algorithm!

  • Learn how to pitch to a brand

  • Take more photos

Fitness Business

  • Sign 3 new coaches to my Team

  • Enroll 3 more ladies in my January Fit Group

  • Plan social media posts and continue to be real and raw

  • Get diamond rank back

Hopefully I can get most of these done in the next 3 weeks!