Talk Tuesday: Allow Me to Introduce Myself


Well hello there and welcome to Dispositive Motion.I thought i would take a quick minute to introduce or re-introduce myself since I have noticed I have quite a few new followers around these parts. So here goes!

My name is Lynn and I am a 36 year old (man that sounds old as I type it out) mommy, wife, lawyer and sister in Christ. I am a yankee by birth (PA), but southern, Texas gal by upbringing and heart. I have an almost 4 year old daughter named Evelyn and I am married to my sweet aerospace engineer hubby (he is not so social on the social media) for 4 years (yes I can do math people).

I started blogging back in 2011 as I was in a new phase of life. I was 28, had just finished law school, taken the Texas bar exam, bought my first house and oh, has just gotten married. (Yes again I can do math). I wanted to document life in this new chapter and phase as a young, married, professional. I thought it would be fun to see what it was like to be a new law associate. bahah, fun and lawyer in the same sentence.

However, as time went on, I found that I was blogging not so much about law, but about love and life. The ups and downs of being a newlywed, the struggle to get pregnant and then the trials and tribulations of divorce. I wrote about my feelings., thoughts and struggles of being 30 and single and dating (as a divorcee), I shared my first house purchase, finding my husband, and now being a mommy.

In between I have changed jobs several times, moved, adopted two more dogs and Oh, got remarried and had a baby! Whew! Exhausted yet?

Now, I focus on health and fitness (as I became a virtual health & fitness coach last March), mommy life, wife life, beauty and everything in between. You can find me on social media here and here or on facebook.

My goal is to always be honest, open, raw and real. Now, I love reading blogs and connecting with other ladies, so drop your info in the comment, send me a message, find me on social media!

My crew! Oh, HUGE TCU fans here.

My crew! Oh, HUGE TCU fans here.