Motherhood in Motion: Bedtime Routine

The best thing I ever did was get Evie into a good bedtime routine. Although we still struggle sometimes (hello threenager), the fact that we have a set bedtime routine that she knows eases the evening tantrums. I outlined a bit of our bedtime routine last week, but this goes a tad more in depth.

Now, I admit, I do not have some of the problems with Evie staying in bed, so for those of you with those issues, I’ll pray for you mama.



We normally eat dinner between 5:30 and 6 unless its gymnastics or swim lesson night.  This gives her time to wind down after school and then time after dinner to get out any more energy.  Evie’s current favs are salmon with broccoli and cheese and well any fruit she puts in her mouth.

After dinner she will either do some art or crafting or if she has not had any tablet time, she can have 20 minutes. Thanks goodness for timers.

Bath at 7

At 7, we head upstairs to pick out her PJs.  We used to also pick out clothes for the next day, but praise the Lord, we are doing that once a week now. I got these nifty foam door hangers that I let her decorate. One for each day of the week.  On Sunday she picks out her outfits for the whole week and places the corresponding day hanger on it.  It has truly cut down on the fussing and clothing war.  She has free dress Friday and now I pick out two outfits and she can choose from those.  This has made mommy happier and E still gets input.


We only wash her hair twice a week so bath time goes by pretty quickly.  She normally asks for a bath bomb and then plays with her sea animals or these bath crayons I picked up on Amazon.

After bath, she brushes her teeth and has about a million flavors of toothpaste to choose from.  Then I put her hair into either a lose braid or a pony to avoid as many tangles as I can in the morning.  She then gets into her jammies on our bed.  Now, I must digress because before she actually gets in the tub, there is lots of avoidance behavior.  The worst part, my husband totally caves into.  She loves to be tossed onto our bed or she plays a game with my husband where she hides under the covers in his spot and he pretends not to see her. It’s hilarious, but sometimes I am over it.

Babies, Books & Bed

At this point its around 7:30 when we finally head to her room.  First, we have to make sure we have all her babies accounted for (1 lovie, 1 penguin, 1 bear).  In her room she tucks her babies into bed first and her bear into his crib, she then reads him his story, kisses him and then climbs onto our lap for stories.  She gets to choose 3 stories to read and right now we are way into the solar system.

After the third book, she knows its time for lights out and rocking, but she ALWAYS and I mean ALWAYS say, but I’m not ever going to fall asleep. (haha).  She turns off her light and turns on her unicorn nightlight.  She also has another smaller plug in night light and we still use her sound machine.  Then depending on who she wants to rock her, we rock.  I am not sure when this will end, but for now I will still rock that 40 pound pouty girl to sleep.

The rocking is normally only a couple minutes and then she crawls into bed herself (she is now in a twin bed with side rails), gets comfy and then asks me to tell her which planets I love her too.  She reciprocates, which involves an inordinate trips through black holes.  Then it’s a big hug and kiss and I leave her room about 8pm.

Sometimes she will talk to herself for a bit or to her babies, but normally she covers her head with her blanket and it out like a light. Seriously, girl sleeps with her head covered the whole night.

Now my next task is to her to actually get out of bed in the morning by herself.  She just won’t. She either calls to me from her bed or I have to go in and wake her.  And when do I stop using the monitor?

What’s your bedtime routine?