Weekend Wrap-Up Vol. 1

I know, I know, its says Vol. 1 and yet here we are in the third full week of January, but alas, here we are, Volume 1 of the Weekend Wrap-Up where I share with you: What I Saw, What I Did, What I Ate and What You Missed! So, without further ado.

weekend wrap up (1).png

What I Did:

Whew! This weekend was a whirlwind of activity! Saturdays are always busy for me, but this one was jam packed. I taught dance from 9-11:30. I love teaching the littles and they are just so much fun. Then I did a free baton twirling class to see if we had interest to start a class at the studio. I had 8 chicken nuggets in the class and I am so excited to start teaching them in February.


Then as soon as the class was over, E and I headed over to Pump it Up for another birthday party! This one was for one of her best friends, and man it was a blast! The kiddos ran and jumped and slid and just had a ball.

What I Saw:

Besides seeing tons of kiddos all day long… I got to see my Fit Group ladies! We always do a live workout and coffee chat on Saturdays and this week all our kiddos and dogs joined in on the fun. Its so fun to see everyone and do the workout together. Again why I love Beachbody.

Its also rodeo time in Fort Worth. I love when the rodeo is in town. It just makes it feel so Fort Worth. But, I love the sight of the ferris wheel and all the carnival rides.

Rodeo Lights!

Rodeo Lights!


What I Ate:

Pizza. Salad. Lamb Meatball bowl…

Weekends are so hard for me. Since my Saturday is darn busy, I tend to run on a shake and protein bars on Saturdays. But, I always manage to get in a date night with the hubs on Saturday while my mom watches E. This week, we went to HG Supply Co. It prides itself on being hunter/gather and almost all gluten free. The food is fresh and farm to table and just delicious.


What You Missed:

Last week I discussed:

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E also decided to take on a alphabet project. She saw this on youtube kids and I must say it was easy and fun. You simply put a letter on each balloon to work on the alphabet.


What were you up to this weekend?

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