Friday Favorites: Blog Posts You Need to Read

Being a blogger, I tend to LOVE to read other blogs. My interests range from well-known fashion and beauty bloggers, Blawgs (law blogs), and your everyday lifestyle blogs. But have you ever read a post that you just LOVE. I mean pinned it a million times, tweeted about it and told all your friends its a must read? If not, here are my must blog posts.

Blog posts you need to read.png
  1. Lindsay’s post about her command center for all things school. If you do not read Lindsay’s blog, well you should if not for anything else other than she is an amazing organizer. Lady has posts on posts about how she has organized, de-cluttered, and simplified her family’s life.

  2. And while we are on the topic of Lindsay, her post Wednesday about her planner is giving me life ladies! I sat down Wednesday night and got to work on mine! She is a organized planning maven. Pin her post, share it, revel in its goodness. Just go read it.

  3. Katey’s post about using old candle votive for everyday use and how to get the darn wax out. Katey’s blog, Chronicles of Frivolity is full of just that—the frivolous things in life. Oh, and her adorable little girl, Maxie.

  4. Brittany’s post about thank you notes. This southern mama of two boys always makes me laugh, keeps it real, and reminds me not to Instastory and drive. She is full of great recipes, good mom hacks and just good ‘ole southern charm.

  5. Jenna Kutcher’s post about her viral photo of her husband and her. I love me some JK. Not only is she a brilliant social media expert, she is just real. Also love her podcast, Goaldigger.

  6. Abby Lawson’s post about her home binder. Abby’s blog is full of home organization gold. And she has great free printables.

  7. Rachel Hollis’ post about having a dream and being a parent too. Whether you love her or not, she lives live to the fullest and man that’s inspiring to me. I loved her book, Girl, Wash Your Face and I am epic-ally excited for Girl, Stop Apologizing and ordered my copy already.

What about you? What posts or blogs do I need to be reading?

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