Friday Favorites: Go-To Instant Pot Recipes

So, one of my goals for last year was to cook dinner 3 nights a week. I will say, I did a pretty good job of succeeding on this one. In between working full-time, teaching dance, driving the gymnastic carpool some nights no matter how hard I tried, dinner was just not going to happen unless it could be done quickly. Hello InstantPot.

Ya’ll, I admit I was late to the InstantPot train, but once I hopped on, I chugged along quit nicely. So, here are my favorite go-to instant pot recipes.

instsant pot recipes.png
  • Chicken Burrito Bowls. I live in Texas. I could eat Tex-mex every day if I could. So, this one hits the nail on the head. Quick. Easy. Tex-mex. Kid-approved!

  • Baked Potato Soup. Let’s face it, its winter and its cold and all i want to do is curl up in front of the fire with something warm and yummy. This one is on point. Tastes like hours of cooking and reheats well.

  • Hard Boiled Eggs. I mean I can do them on the stove, but then I have to stand there and watch them. So, why not make it easy?

  • Pasta Bake. I made this one night and showed ya’ll on my stories. This is the base recipe I used, but I tweaked it. I added meat. which I browned in the pot on saute, and I did not add my cheeses until after it was done. I also used Italian seasoning blend. But, this meal normally takes forever, this took 30.

I have yet to make a dessert in the Pot, so that is my next adventure. Do you have an Instant Pot? What are you favorite recipes? Find these and more here.