Friday Favorites: Goals, Twirling & other Favs

  1. January Goals


2. Organize and Simplify!

This month has been all about purging and getting my life in order. I totally Marie Kondo’d my master closet. I got rid of so much “stuff.” It was freeing ya’ll! I will share how its now organized. I also did the same thing to the bathroom. Now we kind find everything and my drawers are not a total mess. I still need to conquer the downstairs closet, although I did clear out old coats of E’s that do not fit and ones I do not wear anymore. I also sold the toys she is no longer playing with and donated those that I could not sell.


3. Reader Survey

I posted a reader survey on Monday and I have loved the feedback so far! If you have not taken it, I would love for you too. I am constantly trying to post content you all are interested in and have taken the suggestions to heart. It’s totally anonymous.

And the winner of the Amazon Gift card for the survey is Laura Breunig!! Congrats, I will be emailing you!

4. Mommy and Me

Umm, have you all seen the Old Navy Mommy and Me outfit collection? It is so cute! Has sizes and styles for mom, child and baby. And… styles E will actually wear!! I have never really been into the mommy and me stuff, but these coordinate so well, and E is now totally into what I am wearing, so maybe we get one?

5. Tuesday night dance party

The studio I teach at has an adult cardio hip/hop class every other Tuesday night and ya’ll, its my jam. It is a total dance party. It allows me to just let loose and enjoy. We have women from all walks of life, ages and backgrounds and we literally just laugh, sweat, and dance.

Here is this week’s dance party.


6. This weekend

I begin teaching baton twirling again this weekend! Wahoo! I have four girls enrolled in my class and I cannot wait to impart some knowledge on them.


We are also hoping to get out to the Stockshow & Rodeo this weekend. Yes, you heard me, the rodeo. I know I live in Texas, but nope, I do not own a horse, but you bet your bottom dollar the rode is a must-see, must-do in Fort Worth (or any Texas town for that matter). So, I will share some of that too! Tonight I will actually be “Yellin & Sellin” programs with the Junior League! Any other leaguers out there?