Motherhood in Motion: 20 Fun Mom and Daughter "Date" Ideas

It starts from the second I wake E up or she wakes us up if it’s the weekend—we are go go go.  And doesn’t even end after we put her to sleep because that’s when my husband and I start planning out the next day – Who’s picking her up from school? What’s for dinner tonight? Do we have enough food for to feed the dogs?

While we figure all that out and more, my husband is washing dishes, I am making sure we have E’s clothes laid out for the next days activities and I run around cleaning up endless pieces of whatever art project she was consumed with that night.  

We’re constantly in go-go-go mode just to get the bare minimum done, and that doesn’t leave much time for stopping to connect with each other, let alone out sweet girl when we aren’t taking her here and there.


But That’s a Big Problem

A healthy connection with E is just as important as our relationship and is essential. Research shows that in order to have a healthy relationship, for every negative interaction, you need five positive interactions to balance it out. 5!!

For example, when I lose my cool over asking her for the 20th time to pick her Peppa toys up, we need five positive interactions to balance that out, or our relationship will suffer.

But I don’t need the research to tell me that because I can see it for myself.

When my connection with E starts to suffer, the result is more power struggles, less cooperation and ultimately angry mommy comes out and that just feeds the disconnection even more.


Above all, my goal is to build a strong mother-daughter bond that will last a lifetime. As it turns out, a healthy mother-daughter relationship can be the strongest of all family relationships throughout your child’s life.  And its now, when E is young that I must invest in a solid foundation for our relationship. If we don’t start out with a healthy connection now, it certainly won’t magically appear when she’s a teenager or adult. Trust me.

So, I started jotting down fun things I wanted to do with E when I saw them. From things I saw on Pinterest to activities in our town.

Recently, it dawned on me that I am not the only busy mom looking for simple ways to connect with my daughter, so I decided to share my list of and share it with you.

If you’re looking for mother-daughter things to do that will help you feel closer to your girl, check this epic list for the20 best ideas.

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  1. Impromptu dance party. Research shows that listening to music together creates healthy bonds and builds positive memories. E and I love a good kitchen dance party, heck we will dance anywhere. Turn on anything and just move.

  2. Ask each other questions. E loves to ask me things about my day, my life, my childhood, anything. So, we set aside time and she can ask me anything and I can’t say “I don’t know.” If I don’t know we go and find the answer.

  3. Read aloud. E is not old enough to read per se, but man she loves to read together. Grab her favorite book and read. Use voices for each character and have fun.

  4. Take turns taking photos of each other. Anyone else’s daughter love taking photos on your phone? Mine does! She loves the silly faces on my apps and we got a polaroid camera for Christmas and she loves taking pictures with it. Dress up! Play fashion show and take fun photos.

  5. Make art together. As much as I am not artistic, E loves when I do art with her. Color, paint, crafts, whatever they love, sit down and do it with them.

  6. Dress each other. Let your daughter pick out your clothes for the day, then you do the same for her. Then head out to run errands or to your regular daily routine wearing what you picked out for each other.

  7. Climb into bed. My kiddos loves curling up in our bed. So, sometimes we just pile in and read books or just cuddle and talk.

  8. Tell a story. E loves to hear about when she was little. So, I love to sit and tell her stories about when she was a baby.

  9. Stop and play. Sit down and just play for a few minutes – no smartphones, no multitasking. Just follow her lead.

  10. Start a game of chase or hide-and-seek. My kid loves a good game of running in the house, so when Mom does it too.. instant mood enhancer..

  11. Go for a long walk. Without the distractions of daily life at home, your daughter may open up and share her heart with you on the walk. Plus, outdoor time is good for your relationship, according to science. Research shows time spent in nature helps mothers and daughters get along better. This is where E loves to run with me.

  12. Have a “coffee” date. Nothing says special like taking her to Starbuck’s. She gets a milk, I get a coffee and we just enjoy the time together.

  13. Exercise together. You all know how much E loves to workout with me. She loves to pick out the workout, put on her workouts clothes and do it with me. Not only is she getting active, but it shows her that its important to be healthy.

  14. Bake. My little ones loves to bake. Normally I do not want the mess, so E knows its special when we bake and make a mess and angry mommy stays away.

  15. Go to the park. Just the two of you. And swing until her heart is content.

  16. Take her out to eat. Pick a restaurant you both love, a new restaurant you’ve never tried before, or just get a couple slices of deliciously greasy pizza, and share a meal just the two of you. This our every Wednesday night. She picks the place and we talk and I love that total alone time.

  17. Zoo day. We are so blessed to have a great zoo in Fort Worth. So, we go often, sometimes just to see one darn animal (thank you zoo membership).

  18. Take a day trip. Find a fun destination that’s within driving distance and head there together to explore. Research shows taking a trip with your child becomes a “happiness anchor” for her – in other words, vacations stick in kids’ brains as vivid memories, and later on as adults those memories can even help them get through tough times.

  19. Visit a fair or amusement park. Ride every ride together and eat all the junk food you can.

  20. Have a one-night staycation. Book a night at a hotel in your downtown area. For a special treat, order room service for breakfast or for a late-night treat. This is on my list for E and I next year!


What are some of your favorite activities to do with your daughters?

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